At the end of each month Center for Social Integrity holds a monthly photo contest.  CSI posts on Facebook, five of its top photo choices that were taken of activities implemented during the month.  Each photo has a number posted on it and our public audience is asked to choose the number of their favorite photo and write in the comments a short note as to why it is their top selection.  At the end of the week, the number of votes are then counted and the winning photo becomes our monthly top photo to feature in our gallery here on our website.  The remaining top four runner ups are posted next to the top photo.  Follow along on our Facebook page here, to vote on next month’s favorite photo!

August - 2020

Beneficiaries returning home after receiving Dignity Kits from CSI distribution in Buthidaung

A woman holding COVID-19 prevention kits in Northern Raknine State.

A Woman putting dignity kits into the bag in CSI distribution in Northern Rakhine State

Beneficiary receiving COVID-19 Prevention kits from CSI in Northern Rakhine State

Beneficiaries lining up to collect food items from CSI distribution in Northern Rakhine State

July - 2020

Children playing at the Child Friendly Space in Rakhine State

CSI staff taking MEAL assessment in Rakhine State

A woman carrying COVID-19 prevention kits back home



Temperature Measuring before the awareness session

Students washing hands before class in Northern Rakhine State

June - 2020

              Children listening attentively to a COVID-9 awareness session in Northern Rakhine State

A child receiving soap during hygiene kit distribution in Northern Rakkhine State

A student washing hands at CSI's hand washing point in Northern Rakhine State

Villagers lining up to wash hands at the hand washing point in Northern Rakhine State

local teenagers listening attentively at the COVID-19 Awareness Session in Northern Rakhine State

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